What Is Address Verification and Why Is It Important to Your Business?

Address verification ensures that the addresses you have in your database are accurate, standardized, and up to date.
What Is Address Verification and Why Is It Important to Your Business?
  • By Doaa Kurdi
  • 2022-04-26

In this unstable and challenging business environment, every eCommerce transaction counts. Customers expect to complete their purchases online and track them to their front door from the warehouse. You know the drill, here comes the delivery truck—three more stops, two more stops, one move stop, and then the package should be outside your door. But it isn't there. Oops. Now you've got a disappointed and annoyed customer.

Nobody needs that because incorrect address data is costly and damaging to businesses. The costs can be higher than you think. One disgruntled customer can cost money and time and harm the company's reputation with poor customer service and lack of trust. And all of this can be easily avoided with Address Verification.

What Is Address Verification?

Address verification ensures that the addresses you have in your database are accurate, standardized, and up to date. It can be a tedious task and easy to make mistakes if done manually. Many companies rely on software solutions that offer correct address formatting and spelling. And they can provide information in real-time.

It's essential to update your data periodically. We recommend updating your database quarterly and providing accurate information for your systems like CMS, website, or call center. To ensure that your data is ready to use at any time and remains clean, it's a good idea to verify the address at the entry.

Why Is It Important?

No matter what products or services your business provides, you've got to have accurate and up-to-date customer address information. Every aspect of the sales cycle needs to be manageable and scalable. A physical address is a vital component of customer identity, and address verification is critical.

Saves Time and Money

With accurate and updated addresses in your databases, you will have fewer returns and customer service errors, saving time and eliminating excess costs.

Improves Efficiency

Your company will run more efficiently with accurate customer data and address verification. It can help ensure you get it right the first time.

Improved Customer Service Requests

You'll make sure you're ready to communicate with your customers anytime by inputting accurate address information and updating the database periodically.

Informed Accurate Decision Making

Accurate customer information enables you to communicate with your customers to help make better-informed decisions

Enhanced ROI

Your company can save on costs by inputting and correcting data during the initial data capturing. You will save on excess postage and printing costs and reduce address correction. Your marketing and sales campaigns will generate a better success rate and more significant revenue.


Without accurate addresses, it's virtually impossible to gain, maintain and nurture your clients. And your business will suffer. That's a fact, and it won't change. The need to verify addresses has always been a critical component of any company and those with a marketing and sales operation. It's a painstaking task with mountains of tiny details. If you're sending a package and your customer is waiting on it, you better verify your customer addresses.

It's vitally important to verify addresses and eliminate unvalidated and unformatted addresses. Accurate customer contact information drives your customer database, so it's got to be up to date. Things change quickly. People move jobs and addresses often, so you've got to stay on top of it.

Another essential factor is finding a partner dedicated to verifying the information to the nth degree. You need a company that loves data and accuracy and is dedicated to helping their clients grow. Addresszen is an excellent choice. We know that when you succeed,we will too.

Here's the bottom line: You are only as good as your database address verification! Poor data ensures poor results, but great data brings great results. So, what are you waiting for? Contact AddressZen to discuss how their address verification solutions can help ensure that when your customers are expecting a package, it gets to them on time and at the correct address.