Overcoming Delivery Challenges with Address Verification

Ensure your mail and parcels are delivered to the correct destination with address lookup
Overcoming Delivery Challenges with Address Verification
  • By Doaa Kurdi
  • 2023-01-31

Delivering mail and packages to the right property is a critical process in the e-commerce industry. Inaccurate or incorrect addresses can lead to significant delivery challenges, including undeliverable mail, return to sender, late deliveries, increased cost and lost revenue, among others. A major issue with addresses is the variations in spellings, abbreviations, and formats that can make it difficult for carriers to accurately locate a property. In addition, new residential and commercial developments, road changes, and other factors can make previously valid addresses outdated, further complicating the delivery process.

Customers expect to receive their orders quickly, but a simple mistake such as an incorrect zip code can mean the difference between a successful delivery and one that is delayed or returned. This can cause frustration for both the business and recipients, leading to negative impacts on customer satisfaction, reputation, and operation costs.

The Challenges of Delivering Mail and Packages:

  1. Incorrect or Incomplete Addresses: The biggest challenge in delivering mail and packages is incorrect or incomplete addresses. Addresses that are missing a street name, zip code, apartment number, or other critical information can lead to delayed or undeliverable packages.
  2. Geographical Challenges: Delivering to remote or hard-to-reach areas can present challenges for delivery companies. Shipping carriers may need to use alternate routes or take additional time to reach these locations, leading to longer delivery times.
  3. Address Changes: Addresses can change over time due to moves, renumbering, or renaming of streets. This can lead to incorrect or outdated information in shipping systems, causing packages to be delivered to the wrong address or not delivered at all.

With the increasing demand for quick delivery, business need to stay ahead of the competition, but unfortunately, many businesses still rely on manual data entry. This is where online address validation comes into play.

Address verification is a solution that automates the process of address data entry and correction, reducing the risk of incorrect addresses and improving the overall delivery success rate. By using address lookup, businesses can be confident that the addresses they receive from their customers are accurate and up-to-date, which leads to quicker and more cost-effective deliveries.

Our Address Lookup checks addresses in real time by verifying the data against the national address database USPS, ensuring that the correct address is captured on a form. View our documentation for integration steps.

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