MSDUK Membership Certification

AddressZen is a member of MSDUK, a leading supplier diversity advocacy organisation
MSDUK Membership Certification
  • By Doaa Kurdi
  • 2022-07-25

IDDQD Ltd are proud to be certified as an Ethnic Minority Business by Minority Supplier Development UK (MSDUK). MSDUK brings together innovative and growing ethnic minority businesses with global corporations committed to creating inclusive and diverse supply chains.

The organisation is a recognised affiliate of the USA-based National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) which is also a leading supplier diversity advocacy organisation.

IDDQD Ltd Supplier Diversity

Diversity is a key component of our corporate social responsibility strategy. We believe that businesses should work with suppliers from a variety of different backgrounds, because it helps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We work hard to make sure that our suppliers are both diverse and committed to ethical business practices.

Our support for supplier diversity also extends to our own employees. We are proud to have a diverse workforce that includes people from all different ethnic backgrounds, religions and sexual orientations.

Having an inclusive workplace helps us create stronger, more innovative products and services. It also helps us to better serve our customers and the communities where we operate. Diverse teams make better decisions, and we're committed to bringing that wealth of knowledge into our company.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a big part of who we are at IDDQD, and so is ensuring that our business is being used as an agent for good in the world. Being a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce allows us to provide the best possible service to our customers and we are excited to be working with MSDUK to achieve this.”

Nicholas Mercer - Commercial Director