Address Autocomplete
Jan 25, 2024

Address Autocomplete

What is Address Autocomplete

Address Autocomplete is a feature that allows you to enter the first few characters of an address on a form and have the data auto-populate. Implemented using an API, it suggests the most accurate and up to date addresses as you type, saving time and avoiding errors.

Every online purchase or transaction from your website, app, or internal tech tools can push your company forward, ensure excellent customer journeys, and increase your bottom line. Investing in an address autocomplete service can set you apart from your competition. The number of customers shopping online is multiplying, so the ordering and checkout processes must be fast, easy to use, and readily available. It's easy to lose customers at the end when they need to input their address information. Sometimes, customers become annoyed and abandon the cart right then. Oops, you just lost a sale. AddressZen has an answer that can prevent cart abandonment and ensure sales go through to the end.

AddressZen Address Lookup

AddressZen's Address Autocomplete is a verification feature that suggests accurate and valid addresses in real-time as a user is typing. The address verification can also:  

• Shorten the checkout process by reducing keystrokes for shipping and billing data.
• Reduce cart abandonment rates by helping customers to finish the information efficiently.
• Reduces errors from manual entry.
• Validate that addresses are accurate and mailable.  

Why You Should Use Address Autocomplete

Autocomplete Address API

Address Autocomplete API is an application programming interface providing IT programmers with options for a type-ahead search functionality that resides within their apps. The API offers real-time address predictions with each keystroke as the program relays queries while the user enters an address.
As a customer begins to enter their address into a form on your website, The API will offer a list of possible address suggestions. The customer must select their address, and the fields will automatically fill in.  


• Taking orders over the phone - can lead to errors, however autocomplete corrects misspellings.
• Abbreviations - produces standard abbreviations like St (Street), Rd (Road), etc.
• Transposed characters - corrects switched adjacent characters.
• Forgotten or Excess Characters - if address entries are complete or additional letters, they can be corrected.  

Difference Between Address Autocomplete and Data Cleansing

Data cleansing and address autocomplete are not the same. Address autocomplete helps the user to quickly and efficiently complete information on your website or app and helps your customers complete the sales. On the other hand, Data Cleansing, or data scrubbing prepares data for marketing and sales campaigns, among other things. Ideally, you will use both to optimize data usability.

Address Autocomplete

• It was created to enhance the user experience on the front end by correcting addresses in real-time.
• It enables customers to complete their checkouts quickly, decreases cart abandonment, and increases conversion rates.  

Data Cleansing

• Designed to enhance data on the back end.
• Structures address information in the official postal format and correct the wrong information.
• The address is then compared against an official address database. It is considered valid if the address matches the information in the official database.  

If you want to improve your customer's journey and make it easy for them to complete an order and not abandon the cart due to frustration, then you need to look at Address Autocomplete solutions.Conversely, if you are looking to clean up a large batch of addresses within a short time, your best option would be to use an address cleansing solution.