Fuzzy Matching
Jan 25, 2024

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching, also known as fuzzy search is a smart algorithm used to correct and resolve incomplete or incorrect addresses entered by users onto forms. It is a way of finding addresses that are similar to the one you're looking for.

Address verification is a vital part of any business' operations. The ability to search for an address and find it, or to autocomplete an address on a form, are important tools that can make the difference between getting your products to customers on time and missing a delivery entirely.

It is easy to make spelling mistakes on address forms or sometimes, addresses have abbreviations. For example, when searching for addresses such as "123 Main St" instead of "123 Main Street" it can be difficult for computers to understand what you're looking for. This can lead to incorrect results or no results at all.

That's where fuzzy matching comes in. Fuzzy address search is an algorithm that helps you find addresses by searching for similar patterns in the data.  Fuzzy matching is great because it makes finding an address easier than ever before. It also helps reduce data entry errors that are common with human input.

When this is paired with address autocomplete,  it offers a fantastic tool. It allows users to type in partial addresses and have the system finish typing out the entire address for them.  Address autocomplete also makes sure all of your addresses are up-to-date, and this can prevent you from sending mailings to wrong addresses or sending them too late, which could result in customers not receiving them at all.

The way it works is simple: when someone enters an address into a form, fuzzy matching determines which locations are most likely matches and offers those as autocomplete suggestions.

Address Data Correction With Fuzzy Matching


Taking an address over the phone can lead to typos or wrong addresses. Fuzzy address search can identify these errors.


Accepts abbreviations such as av(avenue), hwy (highway), st (street), wy (way), however to format all addresses correctly on your database, the full spelling will be returned.

Transposed characters

Handle accidental switching of letters for instance Nwe York (New York). Fuzzy address matching also corrects switched adjacent letters.


Spacing between address components or street names can be confusing at times, address matching can show the accurate data.

Forgotten or extra characters

If a user is in a rush and mistypes an address with missing letters, or even adds additional letters unintentionally, this can be quickly corrected.

Fuzzy Address Search is great for identifying and correcting errors on a form in real time. That's why we decided to build Fuzzy Address Matching into our Address Lookup API.