Google vs Address Verification

Reasons why you should choose an address verification solution
  • By Doaa Kurdi
  • 2021-07-09


Google Places is used often to find addresses, however there are circumstances where you'll locate an address which is not valid. Google will only provide you with an estimation of the address, but will not be able to standardize it with the correct format.

Google is also primarily used for geolocation, the addresses are sourced from Street View Vehicles and crowdsourcing which makes the data unreliable.

Google also deducts credits was based on the number of keystrokes entered, regardless if the address is found or not.

Address Verification

Addresses are verified and formatted correctly via address verification. The data is sourced from a postal database which consists of valid and updated addresses. Valid means an address exists and mail can be delivered there. There are instances where an address is invalid, which you can read more about in our Missing Addresses guide.


Data Quality

If you're looking for a long term solution, we would not recommend using Google. Google does not validate addresses, which would result in incorrect data and undeliverable mail pieces.

The AddressZen address data is sourced from USPS, which consists of 161.4 million addresses. It is frequently updated and returns real, mailable addresses.

Simple Integration

The AddressZen Address Lookup API is simple to implement. We provide documentation and guides to get you started quickly.

Google Places requires more technical knowledge and can be difficult to implement without proper guidance.


Google deducts credits based on the number of keystrokes entered, regardless if the address is found or not.

With AddressZen, you are not charged per keystroke aka lookups or by the number of address suggestions displayed, but per verified address. A full address would include a property number, street name, city, state, and ZIP Code.


Google offers support via via a forum or paid support plans.

AddressZen provides technical and account support to all users via a developer chat, phone or email.