Google vs Address Verification
Jan 26, 2024

Google vs Address Verification

When it comes to address autocomplete solutions, a major player often comes up in the discussion: Google Address Autocomplete. While it's a widely recognized and long-standing service, it's important to acknowledge its limitations and age. Despite its broad use and familiarity, the tool can fall short in delivering the accuracy and up-to-date information crucial for many businesses, leading users to seek more current and reliable alternatives.

Google Address Autocomplete

Google Autocomplete API, commonly used for finding addresses, offers only an estimated address without verification or standardizing it to the correct format. This limitation is due to Google's reliance primarily sourcing data from Street View vehicles and crowdsourcing, which often results in unreliable data.

Address Verification with AddressZen

AddressZen takes a more reliable approach to address verification. Data is sourced from official postal databases, ensuring addresses are not only verified but also formatted correctly. These databases, like the USPS, consist of valid and regularly updated addresses, guaranteeing deliverability.

Key Differences

Data Quality

AddressZen stands out as a preferable long-term solution for reliable address data. Our database, sourced from the USPS, includes over 161.4 million addresses, maintained with regular updates to ensure accuracy. Google's model is based on geolocation data sourced from Street View vehicles and crowdsourcing methods. While this provides extensive coverage, it doesn't always guarantee the reliability of the data. Inconsistent or outdated information can lead to issues like incorrect deliveries or misdirected services.

Simple Integration

The AddressZen Address Lookup API is designed for ease of use and simple integration, backed by comprehensive documentation and straightforward guides. It offers a seamless setup with just a single code snippet required for system integration. On the other hand, Google's autocomplete feature lacks built-in verification and is limited to type-ahead functionality. To achieve a similar level of service, you'll need to implement a separate address validation product, leading to the integration of multiple APIs. This not only creates potential friction for the end user but also introduces complexity and potential errors within your system.

Support Services

Google offers limited support through forums or paid plans, which might not suffice for all user needs. AddressZen, however, excels in customer support, offering assistance to all users. Our support services include technical help and account assistance, accessible via chat and email. This commitment to support ensures that users experience a smoother and more reliable interaction with our services, fostering trust and efficiency.