Address Verification and Address Lookup
Jan 25, 2024

Address Verification and Address Lookup

Address Lookup is AddressZen's address verification solution that captures and verifies an address at point of entry, which is normally implemented on a form. The simplest and most efficient method to ensure an address is accurate is to use an address Lookup API, which will return the address in correct format given a string of text. This can be useful for optimizing data quality and making sure that addresses are formatted correctly. The process consists of validating the data against a national address database such as USPS to confirm that it is correct.The API allows you to easily integrate this service into any platform so that when a user enters their address in a form on your site, it will be verified by the API in seconds.

Why You Need to Verify Addresses

The benefits of address verification and address lookup include:

  • Friction free address forms
  • Reducing delivery errors
  • Speeding up deliveries and reducing the costs associated with them
  • Helping online retailers avoid fraud

The goal is to maximize delivery speed and reduce returns. When an online store uses address lookup, they are able to avoid common issues like deliveries being returned because of incorrect addresses, or packages being lost because there's no way for a driver to find the location where the package belongs. This results in improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs for the company. Having accurate data also helps with reporting analytics so you can better understand what's working well within your business model and how you can personalise communications with customers. As users type, address autocomplete corrects any spelling errors in real time and they are instantly presented with the most accurate and matching address sugestions. This address autofill functionallity allows users to quickly complete a form, which increaseses conversions as a result.

With AddressZen’s Address Lookup API, you can make sure that you have everything you need from each address—street number, zip code, building name—and correct any information that might be missing or incorrect. By verifying addresses with our API, companies are better able to handle the shipping process and improve their relationships with customers by ensuring their orders arrive at the correct address on time.