Missing Address
Jan 25, 2024

Missing Address

Addresses that are included in the USPS address database are considered valid. The database consists of 160 million addresses in the United States. These include business and residential delivery points. There may be instances where you are not able to find your address, it is not 'valid' or 'no stat'. Listed below are the top reasons why this may happen.

Input Error

If an address is entered incorrectly, the address will not be valid. With an address verification solution, all address components such as the house number, street name, city, etc. are all organized, spelled, and abbreviated correctly using the USPS address database.

Area Not Serviced

You might encounter address verification errors for residences in rural areas because mail simply cannot be delivered there. If you try to send a mail piece to these areas, it will be returned.


An address may not validate because it is marked as "vacant" by USPS. If the address is not used and no one has registered the address, it will not be listed on the database.

Vacant addresses are identified by USPS delivery staff if mail has not been collected for 90 days or longer from that address.

Additionally, an address might be 'no stat' if a property is under construction and not yet occupied.

New Address

A new address, unregistered address, or one located within a postal code serviced by only PO boxes will not validate. The occupier of the property must register the address, as the postal service does not keep track of every new property.

New addresses tend to take about 60 days to appear in the USPS address database.To report a new or change of address, complete the USPS Movers Guide Form.


An address may appear on Google, however this can be inaccurate. If you search for a house number that does not exist, on a valid street Google Maps may show you a pin at the end of the because it picked up the street. Learn more on out Google and Address Verification Guide.

Address Verification

The best way to find an accurate address is to implement an address lookup API. Address lookup captures valid, mailable addresses quickly on a form.